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How we make the world's finest speakers!

  Pat and tree.

Not all speakers are created equal, though most are made in about the same way. Except, that is, for the wonderful handmade designs that come from our factory in Northern New York. When visitors come here, they seem always to be struck by the innovative processes we use and the complexity and build quality of our product. The typical comment goes something like: “I had no idea! If your customers could see this they’d be so impressed!” They’re right. Nobody builds speakers the way we do. So, we’ve decided to take their advice and show you exactly, step by step what we do.

Now, the technology any speaker company puts into their drivers, crossovers and bass systems is of top importance and typically dominates their message to you. In those regards we certainly make a first rate product, but our purpose here is to show you something that is equally critical, but often overlooked; to show you what is hidden from your view and to show you what it takes to actually build our loudspeakers.

Seen here leaning against what could someday become a Meadowlark speaker, designer Pat McGinty is fond of poking fun at the competition’s pretty but hollow cabinet work with a pet phrase “You can’t actually build a great speaker unless you can actually BUILD a great speaker!”

He’d like to point out, too, that more and more seemingly “American” speaker companies are quietly having their cabinets made overseas. Ask to see a picture of their cabinets being made, and you’ll discover the truth behind the plastic “USA” badge!

At Meadowlark, we happily comply with both the letter and spirit of the world’s toughest environmental conservation laws, operate a safe and healthful plant and compensate our employees, your neighbors, generously so that they can share prosperity with their families, pay their taxes and support their communities. If you have a stake in the state of our economy or support the cause of environmental conservation you might keep in mind that you have the opportunity to vote with your wallet, not just with your ballot.

But, there’s something more going on here. You will see that ours is truly a handcrafted speaker and, in some cases genuinely custom. When you think about it: nearly every consumer product you’ll ever buy is mass produced stuff; yours is exactly like the next guy’s. The car you drive, the shoes you wear. Meadowlark Audio offers you a rare opportunity to buy something made by real artisans, a speaker made in much the same way as fine musical instruments are made, a work of art, something honestly unique!

Now let’s see how it’s done.......


Our designer, Pat McGinty

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