Please send an e-mail with your zip code and we will let you know your nearest dealer. Thanks.

A Word to the Wise:  Be Cautious - the web is a dangerous place.  Meadowlark Audio only warrantees products sold by authorized dealers.  No dealer is authorized to sell on the web.   Obtaining a blank warranty card and submitting it to us does not entitle you to warranty service.

Be very wary of sellers who refuse to disclose serial numbers.  Every speaker has a serial number on the outside of the carton so there is no excuse.  Consider yourself forewarned that there is just enough stolen merchandise out there to be a problem. 

Shipping damage on the used market is commonplace as is receipt of equipment whose condition and function were misrepresented by the seller.  Select your shipper carefully and insure.  If you need our help for repair, the shipper or seller must deliver the merchandise to our door and pay a fee for evaluation.

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