Montreal April 2-4, 2004
Delta Hotel Room 708


Each spring the most exciting and enjoyable audio show held on our continent blossoms forth in the wonderful city of Montreal: Le Festival Son & Image. The venue:  superb, the atmosphere: at the same time - low key and up beat, the attitude of manufacturers and attendees alike: delightful!

This year, to add to the excitement, we kept an absolutely stunning new product debut completely under wraps prior to its auspicious unveiling on Friday morning.

Seen below, designer Pat McGinty proudly shows his newest world beater - the entirely new Eagle floorstander.  The specs are to-die-for!  This dual woofer, 92dB,  time coherent, REAL transmission line speaker with REAL bass and REAL wood veneer sells for an amazing $995/pr!

In an audio market where $1000 bookshelf speakers wearing American brands actually come from China, Pat is proud to "go 'em one better" and build this gutsy and energetic floorstander right here in the USA. 


Pat McGinty with the new E Series the Eagle Loudspeaker

Pat McGinty shows off  his new Eagle Loudspeaker


Our demonstration room at the Delta Montreal - Meadowlark Audio's new Eagle Series and Rogue Audio's new Stereo 90 Amplifier


The little rig that could! Not only did we wheel out a killer, new product,  Rogue Audio's new Stereo 90 made its world debut by proving an astounding level of drive, vibrancy and poise, delivering 90 wpc of pure tube power for a mere $1995.

Though the rig you see above totals less than $3K, it wowed the crowds with an ability to play ANYTHING from Mahler to the Rolling Stones to hard hitting French language techno with astounding force, resolve and liquidity.  Female vocals just shined with naturalness and nuance.

At the risk of patting ourselves on the back, sometimes a system will add to much more than the sum of its parts. The sound we got from this modestly priced system exceeded the expectations of our entire crew.  Attendees noticed too; rigs in neighboring rooms were much more elaborate yet the comparisons were all too obvious - causing visitors to smile and joke!

We would like to thank each of you who visited and listened with us.  Thanks too for bringing your music and sharing it with us. Your enthusiasm and comments are appreciated by each of us.  And thanks to Audience for their wonderful Au-24 cables and interconnects.


Rogue Audio's new Stereo 90 Amplifier

Rogue Audio Stereo 90


 Concrete box hotel rooms can be dangerous places to attempt to make music.  But with the knowledgeable application of the wonderful Echo Busters products by owner Michael Kochman the room acoustic was brought under control quite nicely.  Proof  - once again - that mastering the room is a key to achieving excellent sound.  Our best advice: get your room right!


The crew at the Festival Spn & Image in the Meadowlark Audio / Rogue Audio room.

The crew - Mike Kochman of Echo Busters, Mark O'Brien of Rogue Audio and his team Mark, Tom and Nick, and Pat McGinty of Meadowlark Audio.



Meadowlark Audio's new E Series - Floorstander, bookshelf and Cinema Center channel with matching sand filled stands.

Meadowlark Audio's new Eagle ensemble - floorstander, bookshelf and center channel speakers and matching sand fillable stands. 


Rogue Audio's 99 Magnum Preamp.




Rogue Audio 99 Magnum Preamp

  Rogue's Tempest Magnum Integrated Amplifier.





On static display - Rogue Tempest Magnum Integrated Amplifier.


Meadowlark Audio Eagle Floorstanding Loudspeaker with our show sign.


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