Dear Fellow Americans -
It's tax time again and many of us are ready to receive nice refunds.  For most of us those refunds will be a just a little bit larger thanks to some modest tax cutting designed to boost the economy.  If you're planning on saving that money - good for you! If you're planning on spending it on toys - even better!  If your choice involves US made toys - like the ones we make - hooray for you!
We applaud your spirit and would love to sweeten the deal.
So here's our offer:  Buy any new Meadowlark Audio floorstanding speaker from an authorized dealer between 3/16 and 5/31/04, send a copy of your sales receipt to us with your warranty card and a note that says "This is how I spent my tax refund! Make me an amp stand!" and we will make for you this beautiful and functional amplifier stand as our gift.  It will be crafted by hand in our factory from a random combination of solid hardwoods and hand lacquered with the same beautiful lacquer that dresses your new speakers.  Three sleek, black chrome, conical spikes combine with the natural damping of solid woods to provide just the right support to show off and enjoy your amplifier. Or use it to isolate your player or preamp.
We're happy to do our part; thanks for doing yours!

  Meadowlark Audio mixed species Hardwood  Amplifier Stand sitting next to a Nighthawk in Curly Maple

No two alike!

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